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New Super PAC to Run Rick Perry Ad Campaign in Iowa


Wealthy Texans are mobilizing.

A new super-PAC supporting Texas Governor Rick Perry's hopeful presidential bid is releasing a statewide ad campaign in Iowa hailing Perry as the “better option” for president. The group Jobs for Iowa reportedly told Politico that it has spent just under $40,000 for two week’s of air time on Fox News Channel in the state. According to reports, the group is speculated to have the financial backing of affluent Texas Republicans who might like to expand their pro-Perry ad campaign to other states moving forward.

The goal of the ad campaign is allegedly to “help introduce Iowa voters to Rick Perry” and to “generate buzz” prior to the straw poll. A source told Politico that “it is no secret that a significant contingency of voters are uninspired by our current slate of Republican candidates for President. … Rick Perry is our best chance to beat President Obama.”

Politico reports:

In fact, the operatives they’ve retained to create and run the super PAC on the same day established a pair of linked super PACs in other states that have key early Republican presidential primaries, Jobs for South Carolina and Jobs for Florida.

Perry has repeatedly hinted that he’ll seek the Republican presidential nomination, but has said he’ll wait until after Labor Day to declare his intentions. He was left off the ballot for the Aug. 13 straw poll in Ames, Iowa, which is considered a key bellwether of the strength of presidential campaigns in the state headed into its first-in-the-nation nominating event, the Iowa caucuses.

Meantime, Texas fundraising sources allege one super PAC called Americans for Rick Perry reported raising $193,000 for Perry at the end of June, including a $100,000 donation from Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons. Politico states that ARP has raised over $200,000 since the report.

Watch the ad that praises Perry for being “a conservative with proven leadership,” who has balanced budgets and created jobs in his home state:

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