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With No Debt Votes, Obama Planning To Leave For Chicago Birthday Fundraiser


With both parties clearly still unsatisfied with the "deal" struck between the White House and Republican leadership, the President is already planning to head out the door for a 50th birthday fundraising bash in Chicago.  The Chicago Tribune breaks the news:

"Obama is scheduled to attend a 50th birthday gala on Wednesday at the Aragon Ballroom, an event featuring Jennifer Hudson and Herbie Hancock. There’s also a dinner fundraiser planned for some special donors to go with the show at a cost of $35,800 a person."

Obama will be hitting the big 5-0 on Thursday. The Republican National Committee has already criticized Obama for planning a fundraiser after weeks of political gridlock over debt and deficit, and when the nation is still experiencing a 9.2 percent unemployment rate.

The RNC also makes the point to emphasize Pollster.com’s national polling average that shows only 44% of the country approves of the President's overall job performance, while over 50% disapproves.

It should be noted that the President has already planned events to raise funds that will be split between his 2012 re-election fund and the Democratic National Committee, before the House and Senate have voted to approve his measure to avoid an August 2 default that he has warned of for months.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has stated in the past that Obama will cancel events if the debt ceiling debate is still going on, but as of last Friday officials have still not updated his status for this week and the bash is slated to still be on. He's set to travel Wednesday afternoon and return that night for the events.

NPR reports that besides the birthday fundraisers, Obama's re-election campaign is planning hundreds of house parties around the country and the campaign has asked supporters to recruit 50 new people for the re-election effort for the president's birthday.

The President was born in 1961 near the end of the baby boom years of 1946-1964. He'll join the more than 4.5 million other boomers who are turning 50 this year, according to AARP, citing U.S. Census figures.

"Now I'm gray," he says at campaign fundraisers. "I've got dings and dents," an apparent allusion to the bruising policy disputes he's had with Congress.

His birthday resolution? According to the First Lady, Obama is quitting smoking. Can you think of any other habits you think he should break?

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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