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Rand Paul Talks to Glenn After CNN Ambush: I Don't Want 'Weimar Republic' in 'Our Country

'If people are prepared to carry money to the grocery store in a wheelbarrow, that may be coming."

In the aftermath of a hostile, condescending interview with CNN's Don Lemon, Senator Rand Paul came on Glenn's radio show to discuss the debt deal, deficits, international affairs and the sobering prospect of hyperinflation hitting America.

Glenn called the interview with Don Lemon "an embarrassment for CNN." Senator Paul shrugged it off, however, and quickly turned to the substance of the budget deal, telling Glenn that what had been achieved in the Capitol was merely a deal, not a solution.

Sen. Paul rejected the media's portrayal of the debt ceiling as solely a political horserace saying, "they misunderstand winners and losers...I'm more concerned about this country's future." The Senator then made the unsettling prognostication that "we are going to default by paying with dollars that are worth less and less every day."

Glenn pointed out that "we are in the weimar trap," and Paul agreed, pointing out that gas prices have doubled in a two year period, and food prices are shooting up. Senator Paul also discussed how inflation steals the wealth of those on fixed incomes more than anyone else, and made the essential point that inflation comes from national debt. In an especially stark soundbite, Paul said "if people are prepared to carry money to the grocery store in a wheel barrel, that may be coming."

Glenn and Paul agreed that the proposed cuts in the debt ceiling deal are uncertain and ineffectively spread out over a ten year period, and that "we face our day of reckoning before that ten years comes."

Sen. Paul then went on to make his most grim statement: "what I worry about  is the Weimar Republic, I worry about 1923 in Germany, when they destroyed the currency they elected Hitler, I don't want something like that to happen in our country."

Watch the full video here:

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