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Update: $535 Fine Rescinded In Baby Bird Rescue


"The citation is null and void. We've rescinded it."

Earlier today, The Blaze reported on the odd story about a Fredericksburg, VA mom who received a $535 ticket from the State Police after her 11-year-old daughter Skylar, rescued a lost baby woodpecker from the family cat.

The story garnered considerable attention and it is possible that the media spotlight may have helped bring some sanity to the situation. is reporting that the legal problems facing the Capo family over the bird rescue have evaporated.


"The citation is null and void," U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman Bill Butcher told on Tuesday. "We've rescinded it."

"They [the agent and state trooper] had gone to inquire about the health of the woodpecker," Butcher said. "At that point, they determined that no further action was necessary."

Despite this, Butcher said, the citation was processed unintentionally. He added that the agency has apologized to Capo and will send her a formal letter explaining the clerical error.

Case closed.

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