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Brian Sack is a socialist (?)

Brian Sack is a socialist (?)

Most people around the Blaze know Brian Sack is evil, but is he also a socialist?  Signs point to yes, and it's not just his constant travel to Europe.

In yesterdays condescending juice cleanse post, Sack attempted to mock the intelligence of his fellow co-workers who care about their health:

Day one of the office juice cleanse is coming to a close. The cleanse is a three day all-liquid diet that claims to help rid your body of toxins while promoting weight loss.  The science behind such claims is dubious to anyone who does a little research, nevertheless, plenty of people in the office opted to give it a shot.

Well, I decided to do a "little" research on Brian Sack, and have realized that a "little" research is more than he did for his post.  Sack claims to have evidence disproving two claims: that a juice cleanse will help 1) "rid your body of toxins" and 2) "promoting weight loss." He calls the science behind the claims "dubious."

Firstly...really Brian?  The science behind calories is dubious?  OK, Mr. Flat Earther.  The juice cleanse limits calories to around 1,000 for three days, and has another eight days of other alterations that also cut calories.  That most certainly does promote weight loss, as you can tell--I am wasting away and can now only exist on stored fat for another 32 years.

Secondly, I don't know/care if any part of the "toxins" stuff is true.  But, what I do know is that in attempting to tell us how "dubious" the science was behind it, Brian Sack linked to a socialist doctor from a socialist healthcare system.    Why is Brian Sack using The Blaze to promote socialism?

The only possible explanation is that Brian Sack is a dirty socialist.  A dirty, dirty, (evil), socialist.

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