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NYPD Pulls Jumper From the Top of Rockefeller Plaza


"a cop 'just jumped over the glass encasing'"

An intense standoff between police and a an apparent suicidal atop New York's famed Rockefeller Plaza just attended.

Gothamnist and Twitter users witnessed the incident this afternoon after a man, sitting over the edge at 30 Rockefeller Plaza this afternoon, threatened to jump from the 70-story New York City skyscraper.

Gothamist received a report of a jumper atop the building and FDNY confirmation at 4:10 p.m. The New York City news blog updated at 4:4o p.m.:

"According to an NBC employee watching the video feed, a cop 'just jumped over the glass encasing. He is sitting across from him talking. Police man is connected to a bungie/rope.' In addition, @rozzy Tweets: 'Watching internal feed of man on top of Rock Center. He has an American flag bandana over his face and is also wearing a tie. NYPD on scene.'

The building serves as the headquarters for NBC. Witnesses said the jumper had several bags, a jug of water, and was handing policeman letters with what appeared to messages on them. Gothamist reports that, according to witnesses, the man seemed to be "rather young, at most lower 20s."

According to an NBC employee and Tweets from several witnesses, the man agreed to come down and police helped him over the 10 foot piece of glass separating the observation deck and the ledge at 4:55p.m.

Police shut down West 50th St. below the ledge where the jumper sat 70-floors above.

This is a breaking story. Updates will be added.

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