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Wednesday evening must-reads


Apple tops Exxon as most valuable company in the world

Hmm: Were Saudis paying Pakistan to protect bin Laden?

Obama enjoys 80% approval among American Muslims

73% of Americans say country is "off on the wrong track"

Obama still competitive in most swing-states

Jonah Goldberg: Wake up and smell the tea

Voters still have more confidence in the tea party than Congress

Sarah Palin has a new grandbaby

Uncle Sam as... national landlord?

Judge reluctantly fines ACORN but insists he wanted prison

White House: No photos of returning SEALs... accept for this one of Obama

Washington Post speculates causes of UK riots with a distinct liberal slant

Kathryn Lopez: Let Rubio be Rubio

ObamaCare-funded health centers won't check immigration status of "migrants"

Sarah Palin to continue One Nation bus tour:

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Elon Musk's Neuralink receives FDA green light for 'first-in-human clinical study'

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