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Bring it Beck!': T-Shirt Hopes to Attract Beck's Business to Town of 'Mayberry


"We want jobs and we should leave politics out of it."

Melissa Hiatt created this T-shirt to support Mount Airy, N.C.'s bid for Glenn Beck's new 1791 clothing line. (Mount Airy News)

Following up on last week's story about the North Carolina mayor who's hoping Glenn Beck will bring his new clothing line to her town, another citizen has stepped up to try and make Mount Airy, N.C. the home of the 1791 line: She's created a T-shirt telling him to "bring it."

Melissa Hiatt told the Mount Airy News she created the shirt -- which has the words "Bring it Beck!" over an image of the American flag and a "Made in the U.S.A." stamp -- to support Mayor Deborah Cochran's efforts, and because the board of commissioners reportedly declined to support the project due to Beck's politics.

"I'm very proud of her for being persistent and for going after such a thing," Hiatt said. She said there needed to be something to show the community's support for the mayor and Beck's project. "We want jobs and we should leave politics out of it."

Cochran told Beck on the radio last week that bringing 1791 to Mount Airy -- the inspiration for the fictional town of Mayberry -- would revitalize the town's textile industry, which has suffered as many jobs have gone overseas.

The purpose of 1791 -- named after the year the Bill of Rights was adopted -- is to raise money for Beck's new charity, Mercury One, and to invest in America by offering jobs.

About 50 T-shirts have been printed so far, and are being sold for $10 apiece.

"Politics affects so many things," Hiatt said. "But not having jobs in this community hurts everyone."

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