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Raise Your Dog To Beat the Best': Google's Dog Fighting App is Back


Editor's note: Please see clarification below.

Back in April we told you about Google's controversial "Dog Wars" application for Android phones, a game that took players into the underground world of dog fighting to train virtual animals to maul and kill one another.

Google took the app off the market after a heavy backlash, including from animal rights activists and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and reformed dog fighter Michael Vick.

But now, "Dog Wars" is back -- and developers are releasing an update they're calling "the biggest yet."

According to Fox News:

Renamed "KG Dogfighting,” the "Dog Wars" app is being updated with advanced dog training levels; more items to train dogs with, including an array of whips; allowing users to buy and use a variety of drugs; and new guns for trainers to use in shootouts with “F.E.T.A.” -- a fictional law enforcement agency.

Animal rights activists have been quick to condemn the app's latest edition. Lee Hall, vice president of Friends of Animals, told Fox, "The last thing our culture needs is yet another form of profiting from the use and torment of animals."

Others say the game provides instruction for players to engage in real dog fighting by having them engage in methods used in actual rings, including injecting dogs with steroids, restricting their food or water, and teaching them how to fight by practicing attacks on smaller "bait" dogs.

The app's developer, who would only go by "the Pitboss," defended the game, saying he's actually and animal love and hopes it will bring a greater public awareness to the horrors of dog fighting.

"For those who have questioned our intentions with this app, we have introduced the enforcement agency 'F.E.T.A.' to teach our users there are consequences to dog fighting in real life," he said.

According to Fox, "KG Dogfighting" has received nearly a quarter of a million downloads and averages a 4 1/2 star user rating.

Clarification: Although "KG Dogfighting" is sold on Google's Android Market, the application itself was created by a third party developer. H/t Blaze readers Brandon and David.

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