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So Who’s Gene Simmons Supporting in 2012? You Might Be Surprised


Bassist and frontman for the legendary rock band Kiss has shouted out loud his regret in voting for President Obama in 2008, and has tweeted that he plans to throw his support behind current GOP rockstar Texas Gov. Rick Perry in 2012.

Simmons was born in Israel and raised in Queens. He founded the make-up wearing, hard rock party band Kiss in the early 1970s and has since appeared across entertainment platforms from acting a story arc in NBC's Third Watch, to competing in Celebrity Apprentice.

Simmons says he is a social liberal, but has voted for both Democrats and Republicans in the past. In December Simmons derailed Obama in a CNN appearance, telling Elliot Spitzer "if you take a look at the resume you couldn't find somebody, in retrospect, more unqualified." POLITICO on Simmons remarks:

"Two years in public office, never ran his own company, so after the fact, I was questioning the qualification," said Simmons during an appearance on CNN.

Simmons knocked the health care bill, in addition to "the Chapter 11s and Chapter 7s. You should be able to fail. "

"I want the government out of my life," said Simmons.

Simmons was very supportive of the foregin policy of President George W. Bush, writing on his website in regards to the war in Iraq:

"The Iraqis are free.

I suggest anyone having a problem with this war go talk to the Iraqi's. Ask them if they prefer freedom (even at the price of, initially having what seems to be chaos), or if they prefer Saddam Hussein come back and reinstates the old ways.

I DARE anyone to say the Iraqi's were better off before, under Hussein"

Do you think President Obama will get the same vocal support from Hollywood in 2012 that he got in 2008? Do you think more and more celebrities will come out against Obama like Simmons?

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