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‘Sellout!’ Pelosi Heckled at Cali. Town Hall Over Debt Ceiling Vote


"You voted for that satan sandwich!"

When it comes to her vote for the contentious debt ceiling bill, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has some tough critics on her home turf.

The Democratic congresswoman, who claims she didn't like the proposal despite voting for it, faced some jeers when she appeared at a town hall meeting at an Oakland, California. MercuryNews.com reports:

"Sellout!" someone shouted as Pelosi began addressing the crowd of about 900; shouts of "Tax the rich!" and "End the war!" punctuated her speech on job creation...When she cited the recent deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling and cut the budget without raising any new revenues, a man angrily shouted, "Why did you vote for it?"

"Because default is worse," Pelosi answered, noting that the deal at least protected Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Watch the protestors confront Pelosi, below:

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