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Report: Jihadists Could be Plotting to Bomb U.S. Military Funerals


"A suicide bomber can camouflage himself in a military uniform and approach the target with ease."

Al Qaeda continues to plot horrific violence against civilians in the West, and now their strategy may include attempts to bomb U.S. military funerals here at home.

According to information obtained by the private SITE intelligence network, a posting on the jihadist-associated Ansar al-Mujahideen internet forum suggested that American military funerals posed a unique opportunity to maim and kill U.S. military and political leadership through suicide bombings.

The poster explained why he believed the plan to attack military funerals would be both effective and simple. According to SITE's translation of the threat:

"the bodies of dead American soldiers arrive daily from Afghanistan, and a large number of officials attend their funerals, including state governors, and protection is almost non-existent. Thus... a suicide bomber can camouflage himself in a military uniform and approach the target with ease."

In a later post, the same jihadist included pictures of a suicide belt (pictured below):

The latest threat serves as a remind that the U.S remains under constant threat from of an ongoing Al Qaeda campaign to incite "homegrown" and "lone wolf" terrorism against the U.S. homeland.

In June this past year, Al Qaeda's media arm -- As Sahab- released a video that included the English-speaking Al Qaeda member Adam Gadahn (indicted for treason) telling Jihadists to buy weapons and conduct one-off attacks against innocent Americans.

Watch the video below to see Gadah's traitorous suggestions to fellow Jihadists posted in June:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/EpRQzTP8H1o?version=3&hl=en_US expand=1]

Attempts to attack U.S. military funerals could become a new Jihadist tactic in this broader terror campaign. It also serves as yet another example of the sheer evil and complete dishonor of Al Qaeda.

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