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Want to See a Minor League Pitcher Face-Plant Into Home Plate?


Pitchers don't generally run the bases. And when they do, they generally don't do so well. I bring you exhibit A.

Meet Seattle Mariners minor league pitcher Graham Taylor. Deadspin gives us some more details on him and explains what you're about to see:

Taylor, a starter for the Marlins AA affiliate Jacksonville Suns, is listed at 225. He's more than 225. And when you ask him to score from first on a triple, only bad things can happen. Taylor apparently injured his leg approaching home, so the flop was the only way to get in safely. He's been out nearly a month, so we wish him well, and we thank him for this.

Now technically this little gem occurred back in July. But it's just now starting to make the rounds. And once you see it, you'll probably wonder why it took so long for it to grace your eye balls. So without further ado:

(H/T: Buzzfeed)

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