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Rush Limbaugh on Irene: ‘Media Frenzy Without Results, Just Like Obama‘s Presidency’


"The real category five is Obama"

Rush Limbaugh took the the airwaves today to lambaste the frenzied media coverage of Hurricane Irene. But he didn't just stop there -- he also denounced the desire for disaster he says the media harbors to help excuse Obama's dismal job performance.

Storefront in Downtown Manhattan

Rush noted that in New York City, winds were projected to be 75-95 mph, but ended up at a mild 16-18mph in Central Park. Storefronts and restaurants across Manhattan's downtown were boarded up, some with sandbags, in a scene that looked a bit more like preparations for an air raid than a heavy rain storm.

Rush does not believe the hyperventilating coverage -- including President Obama's "Hurricane Commander-in-Chief" photo op -- was in any way due to scientific error. On the contrary, Rush made the case on-air that:

"The hysterical reporting on Irene? They couldn’t wait for this storm. Obama- I’ll guarantee you this. I’ll guarantee you that Obama was hoping this was going to be a disaster and another excuse for his failing economy. If he’s out there blaming tsunamis, blaming earthquakes, and whatever other natural disasters there are. This one was made to order but it just didn’t measure up.”

Rush went on to say this overreaction was indicative of the current "media frenzy without results, just like Obama's presidency," and that the "The real category five [hurricane] is Obama."

Nothing can convey Rush better than his own words, which you can watch in this video clip:

The media doesn't appear chastened in the least. Today, there are already reports of the coming bird flu resurgence, which will send people around the globe into a panic. Since 2003, the virus has killed 331 people. The "normal" seasonal flu kills a few thousand people every year.

(H/T mediaite.com)

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