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86-Year-Old Man Survives Pruning Shears Impaling



An 86-year-old man from the Tucson is expected to make a full recovery after accidentally impaling himself through the eye socket with pruning shears in July. KVOA 4 reports:

"Leroy Luetscher was treated at the University Medical Center's Trauma Center after the shears penetrated his eye socket and went down into his neck. 'You wouldn't believe your eyes,' said Dr. Wynne, assistant professor in the UA Department of Surgery. 'Half of the pruning shears was sticking out and the other half was in his head."

Surgeons were able to remove the shears, rebuild his orbital floor with metal mesh and save his eye."

According to CBS News, the horrific accident occurred when the man lost his balance trying to pick up the shears that had fallen pointer side up. "I am so grateful to the doctors and staff at UMC," Luetscher said in the statement.

The incredible CT scan was released by the University Medical Center, and shows the handle puncturing Luetscher's eye socket and reaching down into his neck.

(H/T: New York Daily News)

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