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Bachmann: Obama Clearly Expressing 'Insecurity' Over Jobs Plan


She thinks Boehner is trying to give Obama his full attention by requesting the president push back his speech.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann joined Fox News' Neil Cavuto Wednesday to share her opinion on President Obama's request to deliver his jobs speech before a Joint Session of Congress on September 7, the same night and time Bachmann is slated to debate her fellow GOP candidates.

Late afternoon on Wednesday The Blaze reported that Speaker Boehner has requested the president deliver his speech on Thursday, September 8 instead.

Bachmann, who believes the president is expressing insecurity over his jobs plan, asserted Boehner is merely attempting to give the president his full attention by moving the date back by one day. Bachmann stated:

"What John Boehner is pointing out is that clearly this administration has a great deal of insecurity about their jobs plan and the lack thereof. What John Boehner’s saying is that we want to give full attention to what the president is going to say. So, rather than the president hiding his speech and trying to divert the American people away from hearing from the presidential candidates on what their assessment is on President Obama’s job that he’s failed to do for the economy, John Boehner is rightly saying, ‘let’s have the American people watch you. And, let’s have you have to address the American people on jobs."

(h/t: Fox News Insider)

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