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Back from Martha's Vineyard, Obama gets to work... planning his next 'non-vacation


I guess all the stress of presenting an actual jobs plan is getting to the president.  But don't you worry about him. While he's delivering his job schtick next week, you can relax in knowing that he'll soon be jetting off for another exotic destination.

Obama is going to Bali!

Now Hawaii, Rio, Martha’s Vineyard and Bali may sound like a lot of vacationing in on year’s time. But CBS will be quick to point out that Bush spent like 60 days a year vacationing in such exotic locations as Crawford, Texas, and Crawford, Texas, and of course, Crawford, Texas.

Like Rio, officially this is not a vacation as he will be attending the 18-nation East Asia Summit in Bali on November 19.

“President Obama`s participation for the first time in the EAS in November,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.

This does not necessarily mean his wife and their children will tag along.

That's right -- this is allllll for work, not play.

So while Bali may look like this...

...offer luxurious accommodations like this...

...and boast golf courses that look like this...

President Obama will be hard at work, I'm sure.

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