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Thursday evening must-reads


White House downgrades its own economic forecast

Obama's message to Congress: I'm moving on without you

New Obama jobs plan recycles old bad ideas

A Fannie Mae for infrastructure projects?

Jay Carney: Obama jobs plan may lower unemployment rate by 0.2%!

How did U.S. taxpayers become the Taliban's No. 2 revenue source?

Joe Biden: GOP wants to "eliminate" Medicare

Green Party vs. Tea Party

Prosperity starts with Americans -- not Uncle Sam

Oh noes! Proposed pipeline would affect endangered beetle

Colleges scramble to find good lobbyists in post-earmark world

Arianna Huffington: Comic book heroine?

Irene & climate change: Liberal media won't let a good crisis go to waste

The "Millennial" generation: Pro-gay marriage and pro-life

Impress your tree-hugger prom date with this sweet ride

Congressional Black Caucus: We have nothing to say to Allen West

"Big Black Lie" author delivers scathing criticism of the CBC:

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