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Update: Minn. Trick-Shot Twins Denied $50,000 Contest Prize


A few weeks ago, we asked if you could report your sons for pulling off a "switcharoo" during a hockey trick-shot contest, thus robbing them of the $50,000 prize. That's what one father in Minnesota did. At the time, we reported that the insurance company sponsoring the contest was deciding if it would still pay up. It's now decided. And the boys don't get the money -- but there's a catch.

In short, 11-year-old Nate Smith -- who made an incredible hockey shot during a charity event -- won't collect the prize because his twin brother Nick should have taken the shot. Nick's name was called but he wasn't around. So Nate filled in by posing as his brother. And this is what happened:

What you just saw is the puck going through a tiny, three-and-a-half inch hole from 89 feet away.

The company that insured the event, Odds On Promotions, said Wednesday that rather than giving the boys the $50,000 it would instead donate $20,000 to youth hockey in Minnesota in the boys' names.

The boys' father, Pat, ended up telling organizers the next day about the swap. He said Wednesday the boys are disappointed but excited youth hockey will benefit.

In an unscientific Blaze poll posed on the original story, 80.55% of readers said they would have done what Pat did, 7.14% said they wouldn't, and 12.32% said it would be right to do what Pad did but they wouldn't be strong enough.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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