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Finding Answers: Introducing The Blaze Magazine

Finding Answers: Introducing The Blaze Magazine

Where were you 10 years ago on Sept. 11?

Do you remember how you felt? How did you react? What have you learned? Have you changed for the better?

We each had unique experiences and have very personal remembrances of the day our nation came under physical attack from an enemy most of us had never really heard of and certainly did not understand. Each of us was hurt, offended, ticked off, ready to kick butt and take names. Every American saw for himself that he and his country were vulnerable, that two oceans were no longer the protective buffer they once were. On an individual level, this country vowed never to forget: Implicit in that declaration was a determination to change each of our mindsets for the better. And many of us learned to hold our families and loved ones closer and to waive the flag just a little higher a little more often and to never take what we have for granted.

What if we asked those same questions of our country?

Can we honestly say that, as a nation, we have not forgotten? Have the men and women we’ve elected—and have we, the people who elected them—learned anything? Have we improved? Are we safer? Have we faced the existential questions that must be addressed if this country is to make it?

Welcome to issue No. 1 of The Blaze magazine—a new publication that will investigate and report on the issues you care most about. Our first-ever cover story takes a look at the decade of questions since that fateful day, Sept. 11, 2001, and offers some answers to what our country should be doing to properly protect and defend the people.

It’s not always comfortable, but it’s necessary.

It’s about facing the truth: which is what this magazine will be about. And when we face the truth, we find answers necessary for our survival—as individuals, as families, as communities and as a nation.

Your empowerment begins—now.

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