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New Pro-Jewish NYC Campaign: 'President Obama Is Not Pro-Israel


...Obama's a "uniter, not a divider -- except of Jerusalem."

A new New York City-based, GOP-sponsored, pro-Israel campaign takes aim at President Barack Obama and his stances on the ongoing Middle Eastern conflict.

In an effort to convince voters that Obama's stance on Jerusalem -- and on Israel as a whole -- isn't palatable to either political party, the Emergency Committee for Israel (run by famed conservative Bill Kristol) is communicating its message through video and newspaper ads, among other venues.

While NYC is certainly a more progressive locality, there may be some breathing room for the group's conservative views to take hold. Considering that the city is home to the largest number of Jews in America, there is an audience that may be willing to listen. Politico's Ben Smith writes:

The fact that both candidates in Anthony Weiner's old Democratic-leaning district have criticized Obama on Israel offers the Emergency Committee for Israel [EIC] some fodder.

In a video that is part of the larger New York-focused campaign being launched by the EIC, both liberals and conservatives are seen discussing their opposition to the president's treatment of Israel. Watch the video for yourself, below:

Smith says that newspaper ads have already emerged. In the Hamptons, one ad shows Obama shaking hands with elated Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. Television ads and billboards may also be on the way in New York City. The campaign's tag line? President Obama's a "uniter, not a divider -- except of Jerusalem."

The EIC is determined to support Israel. This video, like others posted on the organization's YouTube site, attempts to convince citizens that the president's take on the Middle East isn't necessary friendly to the Israelis. On its "about us" page, the EIC writes:

...the current administration in Washington seems determined to extract ever more concessions from Israel, and to respond to each setback in the peace process by placing more pressure on the Israeli government. This policy of making one-sided demands on Israel has failed to produce progress and has only emboldened Israel’s enemies.

Below, find another video that focuses on the support both Democrats and Republicans have afforded Israel:

It will certainly be interesting to see how New York's more liberal audience responds to the EIC's campaign.


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