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President Obama sent me a note! He's 'frustrated.


Wow... It's not every day that citizens like myself receive a personal email from the President of the United States of America. (It may not be every day, it is closer to every OTHER day.)

The note was very unusual in its simplicity, there were no flashy graphics or the typical Obama logos (see below) adorning the page.

The note from the frustrated president was just plain text. It read:

Friend --

Today I asked for a joint session of Congress where I will lay out a clear plan to get Americans back to work. Next week, I will deliver the details of the plan and call on lawmakers to pass it.

Really, Mr. President? Next week?  Next week is when you finally let us hear YOUR plan to re-start the economy?

Our economic house has been on fire for your entire Presidency. Your stimulus plan promised to keep unemployment under 8%. It did not. The jobless number has been hovering at or above 9% with certain groups experiencing double that number.

Wasn't the summer of 2010 (during the 4th year of a Democratic-controlled Congress) supposed to be the "Jobs Summer?"  Your Vice President declared that June/July/August 2010 was going to be the "Summer of Recovery." But that never materialized. And the Pelosi-led 111th Congress did nothing to stimulate hiring, and you never called them on it... and you did not present a jobs plan.

Instead of spending nine days vacationing on Martha's Vineyard (a trip that apparently required you and the First Lady to take separate planes to and from the Vineyard - costing taxpayers and the environment), allegedly working on this plan between rounds of golf, many Americans (who could not afford a vacation this year or last year or the year before) would have preferred to see their president at the office in DC, working with Congress - the same Congress you should have called back from recess, demanding that both parties work together on a plan to let the engines of American business roar back from their slumber.

And so, two years and nine months into your term,  you've sent news of your intentions to finally create a plan... and then a promise to give a speech. Yawn.

The email note from the President goes on to blame 112th Congress for the not acting. And then Mr. Obama starts stoking the bonfires of blame and solicits a response.

So I'm asking you to stand with me in calling on Congress to step up and take action on jobs:

President Obama then asked me to click on a link that would collect some of my personal data and send an email to Congress in order to tell them what to do.

I see where the link would go,  but I that's where our interaction ended. I was too frustrated.

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