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Update: '9/11 Coloring Book' Publisher Says He's Had to Call FBI Over Backlash

A page from “We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom.”

The publisher of the so-called "9/11 coloring book" said he's called local police and the FBI as a result of the backlash and negative attention the book has received.

The Blaze first reported on "We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kid's Book of Freedom" Tuesday. It's a 36-page coloring book that features images of Osama bin Laden, the World Trade Center and Islamic terrorists, all for children to color in.

“These are people from Al-Jazeera that have called in here numerous times, people from Iranian TV, people from Palestinian Hamas TV,” Wayne Bell, publisher of Really Big Coloring Books, told CBS St. Louis KMOX. “A lot of people from the Islamic community have called in here and said increasingly negative things prior to the book being made and then after we made the book too, about the book itself."

Muslim groups, including the Council on American Islamic Relations, have attacked the book, calling it "hateful," "slanted" and "disgusting." One scene in the book that has drawn particular outrage is one that shows American citizens upset by the attacks, including a woman wearing a cross around her neck, but shows no mourners from the Muslim American community.

According to CBS, Bell did not directly answer reporters' queries about whether he had received threats that prompted him to call law enforcement.

"That’s our COO," Bell said, pointing to a co-worker. "He’s talked to the Clayton police department, a sergeant at the Clayton police department and the FBI, regarding your question. That’s the answer to your question. And so, it’s really good to be aware of your surroundings. We’ll put it that way."

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