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Huntsman Tells CBS That Early Polls Are ‘Absolute Nonsense’


Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman thinks the next president will be a former governor and that the 2012 GOP presidential primary polls, all of which have Huntsman in the basement, are "absolute nonsense."

Appearing on CBS' "Face the Nation," Gov. Huntsman said that he will continue to campaign on his record no matter what the polls suggest.

"Let me just say, everybody kind of gets a label slapped on their forehead - which I think is unfortunate. All you have to do is look up at my record. My record is what it is,'he said. 'I'm running proudly on my record. I am who I am - as a politician and as a human being."

Gov. Huntsman's recently released jobs plan calls for major tax reform and improvements to free trade. Entitled  "Time to Compete," the plan fuses ideas from the Paul Ryan plan and the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission.

"So I'm calling for that which is bold. I know it's going to be politically controversial but I think it is absolutely needed at this point in our nation's history. Clearing out the cobwebs, clearing out the deductions, the corporate welfare, the subsidies, buying down the rate. And when I hear people saying you can take it down to zero, all I'm saying is you have to be real about the math here."

Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are still the current GOP front-runners. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has not said whether she will run, but media attention has still hovered around her as she spoke in Iowa this weekend.

Prior to taking the stage for her much anticipated speech, a Palin fan made a comment about liberal ideology, that some have found to be insensitive. CNN on the comments made by Los Angles-based comedian Eric Golub before Gov. Palin spoke in Indianola, Iowa:

"After commending Palin on raising her son Trig while balancing other responsibilities, Golub made the analogy.

'For that reason alone, the left should worship Sarah Palin and adopt her as one of their own,' Golub said. 'Because the leftist haters are an entire political ideology of special needs children.'

Golub continued by saying that liberals are needy and feel entitled.

'And unlike Trig, they aren't very lovable,' Golub said. 'All you hear from them is give me, give me, I need, I need, I want, I deserve, I’m entitled – no you don’t'.”

Since coming on to the national scene Gov. Palin has been quick to criticize Rahm Emanuel to Family Guy in regards to insensitive comments made about those with special needs. Gov. Palin's team is yet to comment on the comedian's remarks.

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