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Michele Bachmann Says Hurricane Joke was a 'Metaphor


"Do you believe God uses the weather to send messages to people on Earth?"

GOP presidential candidate and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann said her recent comment that the recent natural disasters were messages from God to get politicians' attention was a "metaphor."

Bachmann was widely ridiculed for the comments earlier this week, which her aides quickly said were made "in jest."

Appearing on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday, host Bob Schieffer asked Bachmann if she really believes God uses the weather to send messages to people on Earth.

"Obviously I was speaking metaphorically," she said. "That was clear to the audience, it was clear to me. Because the American people have been trying to get the president's attention. He's not paying attention."

Schieffer repeated the question again about whether she believes God sends messages through the weather.

"I believe in God, I'm not ashamed to say I believe in God. I'm a woman of faith and a woman of prayer," she answered. "The comment that I made right then was a metaphor and that was very simply what I was doing."

Watch the full exchange below, via Mediaite:

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