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Boston Set to Restrict Knife Sales


Maybe they will ban pointy objects next.

Legally buying a handgun in Boston is already impossible for most citizens, but soon it may become much harder to purchase even a pocketknife in Beantown.

Yes, some Boston politicians believe that if you make it harder to buy something with a sharp edge, there will be fewer stabbings. Apparently, Boston has had 1300 such attacks over the past two years.

The Boston City Council will meet tomorrow to vote on the ordinance, which would require a licensing process for the sale of knives. Boston already dictates the type of knives that can be sold, but this new legislation would allow the state to continuously keeps its hands on anyone who sells everything from Swiss Army Knives to machetes.

It is unclear if sale of chef's knives, which often have 8-inch-long, razor sharp blades, will be covered by the new regulations, but the impact on fine dining around Beacon Hill could be severe.

Even without this legislation, Boston is far from a 2nd Amendment haven.

Current Massachusetts law bans all sorts of weapons and imposes draconian prison terms for their possession. Many knives such as switchblades are illegal outright. You need a license to carry pepper spray.  One could guess this has made the city much safer from rogue female joggers.

For the aspiring ninjas out there, be forewarned: Massachusetts has already banned nunchakus, Kung Fu Sticks, and throwing stars, punishable by no less than two-and-a-half years in prison.

The lengthy sentences under Boston extend to firearms as well. Have a sawed-off shotgun? Or an automatic weapon? You could get life in prison.

Watch the video below, courtesy of MyFoxBoston, and hear the politicians behind the knife bill make their case for regulations that they claim won't be 'onerous':

(h/t Ammoland)

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