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Shocking Home Video Exposes Gaddafi‘s ’Softer Side’


"Don't you think I'm sweet?"

To the dismay of both rebel forces and the international community, alike, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi still claims he's somewhere inside of the war-torn country (talk about hanging on by a thread).

As rebel forces continue their efforts to "take back" their country, a new video clip that shows the leader in a different, more positive, light is making headlines.

In the recently-recovered home movie that Gaddafi's victims and opponents will find shocking, the defunct leader's "softer side" is exposed. In sum, the film makes him look like a loving, caring and doting grandfather.

In one part of the home movie, Gaddafi asks his granddaughter if she loves him. Her response? "No." Then, he asks, "Don't you think I'm sweet?" Her response, "No." There are many who would echo the young girl's sentiments, it seems.

The videos was shot back in 2005 before the Libyan uprising began. Below, watch an Al Jazeera report that shows some of the footage, while putting it into a contemporary context:

And you can also view the raw video, complete with scenes that show Gaddafi interacting with his young grandchildren:

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