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Friday evening must-reads


Remembering 9/11: American soldiers talk about why they fight

If the stimulus didn't create jobs, where did our money go?

44% say Obama's views are "extreme"

Rep. Maxine Waters gives Obama jobs plan two thumbs up

Obama's jobs speech draws lowest TV audience yet

Without teleprompter, Obama flubs historical facts

Federal judge rules: 2nd Amendment rights do not include concealed handguns

Solyndra CEO questioned by the FBI

NJ union boss spent $50,000 of members' dues on strippers

Political hacks and astro-tweeting

10 years later, most Afghans have never heard of 9/11

Photographer behind iconic 9/11 photo tells his story

Third "Fast and Furious" gun linked to death of U.S. border agent

Could Greece default this weekend?

Is it possible to use flood water to help areas of drought?

Study: A father’s presence makes children happier & smarter

Herman Cain reflects on 10th anniversary of 9/11

GOP presidential hopefuls Perry & Romney get animated

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