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Maxine Waters: Congressional Black Caucus ‘Handprint All Over’ Obama’s Jobs Plan


Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters lauded President Obama for his new jobs plan -- dubbed the American Jobs Act -- and stated her view that the president clearly took the Congressional Black Caucus' postions into account when crafting the proposal.

"He heard us. As a matter of fact we can see our hand print all over this proposal. We're pleased about it," Waters said Friday on MSNBC.

Obama's $447 billion job-creation plan reportedly cuts back the employee payroll tax cut, creates a national infrastructure bank and extends unemployment insurance benefits for an additional year. However, it remains unclear how the nation will pay for the nearly half-trillion dollar program.

Waters, in the meantime, said the CBC only wished Obama's plan was "even bigger."

"But it is substantial. Not only is it substantial, it targets the communities in the infrastructure repair that's the central part of this proposal and basically he's going to these communities most in need," Waters said during Friday's interview.

"Of course, this jobs proposal is for everybody, but this targeting to communities of need will certainly help uplift the community that is most in need: African-American communities with 16.7 unemployment, up to 45 percent youth that are unemployed."

(h/t: The Hill)

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