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TV station bumps Obama’s speech for pre-game coverage


President Obama's jobs speech Thursday night could have made things real uncomfortable, real fast. But not for Republicans and Democrats. We're talking between TV station managers and Packers fans.

From The Daily:

After being bombarded by emails and phone calls, the NBC affiliate in Milwaukee, WTMJ-TV, decided to jettison the president’s speech instead of pre-empting precious pregame Packers coverage.

The station’s manager, Steve Wexler, insisted the decision had nothing to do with politics.

“This isn’t about ‘red and blue,’ it’s about ‘green and gold’ and letting audiences decide what they want to watch,” Wexler posted on his blog.

WGBA-TV in Green Bay also skipped the Obama address in favor of pregame coverage, but even the president’s most ardent supporters conceded the natural hierarchy of things.

“Here, you don’t mix politics with the Green Bay Packers,” said Steve Kagen, a former Democratic congressman from Appleton who lost his seat in 2010. “The closest you can get to the game is shake hands near the stadium. But don’t talk politics anywhere near there on game day. Everybody knows that here. It is just not cool.”

It's just not cool, bro.

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