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Perry backtracking on ‘Ponzi scheme’ comment?


Rick Perry caused a stir with his remarks about Social Security being a "Ponzi scheme" at last week's debate. But in a new op-ed printed in USA Today, it looks like the presidential candidate might be trying to put out his own flames.

In the column, Perry didn't call Social Security a "monstrous lie" or a "Ponzi scheme" like he did at the debate. Far from it, he takes a more nuanced approach (emphases are mine):

As I said at the Reagan Library recently, Social Security benefits for current recipients and those nearing retirement must be protected. For younger workers, we must consider reforms to make Social Security financially viable.


Americans must come together and agree to address the problems so today's beneficiaries and tomorrow's retirees really can count on Social Security for the long haul.

We must have a frank, honest national conversation about fixing Social Security to protect benefits for those at or near retirement while keeping faith with younger generations, who are being asked to pay.

Is he backtracking? There might not be any reason for him to. Despite the tough talk about Social Security, Perry continues to do very well with the people who are currently benefiting from the program, according to the Washington Examiner's Byron York.

What do you think? Is this Rick Perry doing damage control for last week's "provocative language," or is this a non-issue?

Editor's note: Thank-you to BLAZE reader Okie from Muskogee for the tip off on this story.

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