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Stunning' Video: Cowboys Fan Uses Taser During Jets Stadium Brawl


Who goes to a football game with a stun gun?

Talk about an electrifying game.

Cowboys and Jets fans got into a heated scuffle during Sunday night's nationally televised NFL football game (which took place at the Jets stadium), and someone in the crowd apparently decided to whip out what appears to be a small taser to get an edge in the brawl.

As the man with the weapon wildly swings his arm and zaps those around him was wearing a Cowboys jersey, we will assume he was not rooting for the home team Jets.

The video quality is not great, but towards the end there is some first-person narration from the camera phone holder as to what just happened. Not only can you hear the "zapping," but the man asks the pertinent question: "How did he get that in here?"

Content Warning: Very Graphic Language

For those who are wondering, possession of a stun gun is illegal in New York City. The Jets play in a stadium located in New Jersey, however, but stun guns are outlawed in the Garden State too.

(H/T Business Insider, Deadspin)

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