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New Video Shows Self-Defense Shootout That Got a Mich. Store Clerk Fired


Now fighting his job termination in court.

Michigan Pharmacist Jeremy Hoven should have been held up as another example of a citizen putting his concealed carry permit to good use after he foiled a brazen armed robbery last May, but instead of a handshake, Hoven was given a pink slip.

Hoven's employer-- Walgreens-- fired him after the incident, despite the fact that he was in fear for his life as a gunman tried to shoot him. No injuries or loss of property occurred.

Now Hoven is filing a wrongful termination lawsuit, and his lawyer has just released shocking surveillance video from the terrifying exchange. The footage appears to corroborate Hoven's statements and is likely to play a prominent role in his suit against Walgreens.

Here's a recap of the incident: While working the overnight shift at the Benton Harbor, Michigan, Walgreens, Hoven saw two men armed with pistols burst into the store.

One of the robbers held a gun to the head of a Walgreens employee, while the other masked robber jumped across the pharmacy counter, and tried three times to shoot Hoven, but his gun wouldn't fire.

Hoven tried to call the police but at that point, he believed his only option was to return fire. He shot three rounds at his attackers. Hoven missed, but scared away the gunmen and ended the robbery without further incident.

"I feared for my life," Hoven said, "and in self defense, I fired my weapon as I continued to move from him."

Watch the pulse-pounding video below, courtesy of KUSA-TV.

While Hoven did the shooting, Walgreens did the firing. After the incident, they terminated the pharmacist's employment.  The mega-chain store released a statement that said:

"Store employees receive comprehensive training on how to react and respond to a potential robbery situation. Law enforcement strongly advises against confrontation of crime suspects."

Many are outraged that Hoven has been punished for defending himself against a lethal threat. Hoven's lawyer  released a statement saying his client:

"Was exercising his reasonable right of self-defense in the face of a gunman who attempted to pull a trigger three times and shoot him."

Hoven, his fellow employees, and the innocent customers in his store-- all of whom went home safely that night-- are probably much more thankful than Walgreens that one man decided to defend himself rather than surrender his life.

Hoven's lawsuit is pending, but there is more on the line than money or career. Hoven has gone to court in defense of every individual's right to defend themselves.

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