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Did Michael Moore Blame Fox News For Encouraging Violence Against Him?


"They daily encouraged people to essentially commit acts of violence against me."

On Tuesday, Michael Moore appeared on NBC's "Today Show" to discuss his new memoir "Here Comes Trouble."

The liberal filmmaker used the opportunity to discuss his political views and past controversies and to make a charge that a "certain news channel" has encouraged people to commit acts against him.

As Mediaite's Zara Golden notes, one of the issues he was sure to address was his controversial 2003 Oscar acceptance speech in which he targeted President George W. Bush and America's Iraq War. If you'll recall, he emotionally uttered the following: “We are against this war, Mr. Bush. Shame on you!” The audience responded with boos.

During his interview with "Today," Moore also addressed violent death threats that have been waged against him, while making some curious allegations.

“If I have any regret, it’s what it put me and my family through as a result of the amount of hatred that was generated on a certain news channel and on AM hate radio," Moore explained. "They daily encouraged people to essentially commit acts of violence against me."

Golden writes that these "stabs" were potentially aimed at Fox News and Glenn Beck. In this instance, Moore may have been referring to a past joke Beck had made (The filmmaker made similar statements back in October). In his new book, he expounds upon these claims and documents a number of purportedly serious threats that were waged against him. In one example, he says a man was arrested after threatening to blow up his home.

Below, watch Moore address these issues on "Today":

(h/t Mediaite)

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