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Michael Moore & Elisabeth Hasselbeck Spar Over Osama bin Laden‘s ’Execution’


"You're telling me Osama bin Laden deserves a trial?"

Michael Moore and Elisabeth Hasselbeck -- also known as "oil" and "water" -- had a fiery debate on Wednesday's edition of "The View."

While Moore believes it would have been prudent (and moral) to try bin Laden in the court of law, Hasselbeck stands firmly -- and quite vocally -- opposed to the idea.

While the liberal filmmaker was on the show to promote his new book, "Here Comes Trouble," the conversation quickly diverted into a heated discussion about the world's most notorious terrorist. According to The Huffington Post, Moore said that bin Laden was "executed" and he went on to claim that America had "lost something of our soul" for not putting him up on trial instead.

HuffPo has some highlights from the debate:

"I think that we did a very smart thing putting the Nazis on trial," [Moore] began. "That was after the war was over," Hasselbeck cut in.

"The war is over," Moore said. "Michael, we're still at war!" she snapped.

"No, we're not, actually," Moore snapped back

Watch the two strong-headed media personalities spar:

(h/t The Huffington Post)

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