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Friday morning must-reads


Obama jobs plan will tax employer-based health insurance

Boehner advocates rewrite of tax code

Obama makes more promises his policies won't keep

Jim DeMint: Obama is practicing "venture socialism"

GE responds to charges of "crony capitalism"

Congress likely to cram down Solyndra billionaire

Solyndra isn't the only stimulus failure

Paul Kengor on the deficit, the rich, and the tea party

California insists on employing illegal immigrants

Michelle Malkin: The cash-for-visas program

Jimmy Carter gives thumbs up to Mitt Romney

Tom Ridge endorses Jon Huntsman

Joe Lieberman praises Rick Perry's public faith

The Taliban is on Twitter

NFL goes TSA

Are french fries really a health concern for kids?

Is Social Security a Ponzi scheme? Steven Crowder asks the SEC:

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