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NYC Mayor Bloomberg Warns of Cairo-Style Riots: 'Don't Want Those Here


"That's what happened in Cairo. That's what happened in Madrid."

At first the media ignored the pundits and public thinkers who warned that U.K or Cairo style riots could be coming soon to the U.S.

Now, even the liberal billionaire Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, is worried that widespread unrest might hit the U.S. unless the economy turns around and jobs are created.

The Daily News reported that this morning on Bloomberg's weekly WOR radio show, the Mayor said "we have a lot of kids graduating college, can't find jobs... that's what happened in Cairo. That's what happened in Madrid. You don't want those kinds of riots here:"

The Mayor's warning appears particularly timely, as tomorrow is the date set for the "US Day of Rage" to occupy Wall Street.

The Day of Rage is set to be a widespread act of civil disobedience that will clog lower Manhattan and create havoc for New York authorities. The movement is making widespread use of Facebook and Twitter both for publicity purposes, and to coordinate on the day of the "direct action."

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