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Storage Company Launches Ad Campaigns Blasting Bachmann, Palin, Bush, Cheney & Tea Party


"How come God never talks to smart people anymore?"

Manhattan Mini Storage, a New York City-based company that provides residents with moving and personal storage services, has been adopting a risky and potentially-offensive advertising strategy for years: Poking fun at Republicans.

MMS's politically-charged campaigns may be entertaining to some, but they hold the potential to alienate a portion of the company's target audience. Perhaps the city's leftist nature creates a situation ripe for this sort of communication. Still, some have questioned why MMS utilizes this divisive tactic.

After all, it's ironic that a storage company, which one would expect to be focused upon showing the true value of its much-needed services, would so willingly jump into the political realm.

A recent poster for that company takes aim at Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. Reading, "Michele Bachmann says God told her to run for president." The ad continues: "How come God never talks to smart people anymore?"

This conservative-bashing is nothing new. New York Magazine's Daily Intel blog writes:

Manhattan Mini Storage's political, liberal-friendly ads have been a common sight around the city for years. Remember the one about Sarah Palin from 2008? "What's More Limited? Your Closet or Her Experience?" That was kind of clever! But this new one targeting Michele Bachmann ... we're not feeling it. Yes, Michele Bachmann is not that smart. What does that have to do storage?

Bachmann and Palin, of course, haven't been the company's only GOP targets. Former Vice President Dick Cheney was also spoofed in a past ad:

In another poster, the company warned about storing one's belongings outside of Manhattan. After all, they could "come back Republican":

And it wouldn't be an anti-Republican ad campaign without a George W. Bush slam, right?

And, alas, the Tea Party angle:

Of course, there's also the ultra-controversial abortion-themed (i.e. the hanger) advertisement that inspired conversation and debate among a great many:

Considering New York's recent District 9 results, one wonders if the company will continue slamming the Republican Party.

Some -- mainly Republicans -- probably want to see the company stick to promoting the moving and storage services they have to offer rather than dabbling in political theater.

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