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Ten Random Videos From NYC 'Days of Rage' (#5 Involves 'Heart Holding')


This post is just a collection of videos -- for our main post on the Days of Rage protest click here.

The most important thing I observed in hours of watching the Livestream feed of the Days of Rage protesters? The terrific incongruence of the advertisement that would pop up every minute or so. You will see it a lot in the next series of videos despite my best efforts to click it away. The ad, for Natural Instincts, offers "shiny, healthy looking" hair color.

This is not usually a priority for anarchists.

The woman in this first video, for example, would never consider the use of Natural Instincts.  She might liken it to waterboarding if some oppressive system sentenced her to hair coloring by force.  Not that we can really see her hair.  She's rocking a couple of scarves.  I'm sure the PLO appreciates the keffiyah.

Be warned -- some of the clips included anarchist expletives.

Another anarchist expletive is used in this clip. And I think you will see that it's essential for the man to make his point. A focus for the protesters is the famous Wall Street Bull statue in Bowling Green Park near Wall Street. The statue, by the way, does have a proper name -- Charging Bull.  This protester is determined to make a brilliant connection to what Wall Street produces and what the bull might produce if it were actually alive:

Bearded man will be back in a second with more "thoughts." But let begin with protester's catchy new chant:

If you need to write that down he said: "It's not that complicated."

The events have been multi-generational:

Some of you who saw the picture in our main post of some protesters doing yoga have probably been wondering if we have video of that.  Unfortunately we do. Though at this point in the session it is more of a meditation time that involves something called a "heart holding ritual" which is an actual thing:

"The government and police are in cahoots to protects the corporations":

This guy is very worried about the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. And he's very geeked on Ron Paul. Ron Paul rage in the house! Plus guy number three in this clip wants a society based on empathy!

Sadly, I did not grab this next video fast enough for you to hear about the guy's plans for a conga line dance around The Bull. But he still shows plenty of team spirit:

Thank goodness there was an actual psychotherapist there to help people with their rage:

Then it came time for the big speeches. And right out of the gate there was some buzz kill about disagreements between the various anarchists. That's the tough thing about being anarchists -- there is a general lack of operational efficiency and shiny hair. And you will learn that you could be a "general lefty" and be just as welcome as the Communists and Marxists!

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