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Caught on Video: Naked Woman Runs Into Liquor Store to Escape Kidnapping by Father


"She was scared to death, you could tell that."

Via KCTV 5 News

A 21-year-old woman ran naked along Indiana highway into a liquor store on Monday, screaming that her father was going to kill her. Moments later, surveillance footage shows, a half-dressed man showed up, dragged her into his car and attempted to drive off with her before he was blocked by a police car.

The father, identified as Martin Jonassen, allegedly kidnapped the woman from her Missouri home last Saturday and had held her for two days, Kansas City's KCTV reported. The woman, whose name has not been released, told police she escaped when her father thought she was taking a shower.

"She was scared to death, you could tell that," liquor store clerk Sandy Farley told KCTV. "She was shaking. There's like a twine rope around each ankle, like I don't know if she had pulled loose from something, being tied up."

The woman tried desperately to fight Jonassen off when he ran into the store after her. Surveillance video shows her scrabbling for a cooler door and then for the front door frame. He threw her in a headlock, overpowering her and dragging her outside and into his car.

"I'm freaking out. A naked lady comes into the liquor store, begging for her life," store manager Brandon Hatch said. "We didn't know if the guy had a gun or anything."

Police arrived and managed to box Jonassen's car in and ordered him out at gunpoint. He was arrested and charged with felony criminal confinement and battery.

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