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Ron Paul Clinches California GOP Straw Poll, Distantly Followed by Perry and Romney


"President Paul!"

Texas congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul won the California Republican straw poll at the state party convention Saturday, handily beating Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who placed second.

Paul dominated the results, winning 44.9 percent of the vote. Perry received 29.3 percent, according to the Los Angeles Times, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney placed third with 8.8 percent. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who was the target of a gay rights protest at the convention, came in fourth with 7.7 percent, following a dip in her national poll numbers.

The LA Times described Paul fans as being "out in full force," raucously cheering and whistling when the candidate arrived at the convention to speak. Paul's speech followed familiar themes, with a line that America's role is "not to be the policeman of the world" receiving particularly loud applause.

He closed by saying, "I'm running on peace and prosperity and personal liberty, the U.S. Constitution and the American tradition."

Supporters chanted, "President Paul!" as he left.

The win came the same day as an online "Constitution Day Money Bomb" fundraiser, in which Paul attempted to raise a large amount of money from his supporters in 24 hours. A similar in event in August netted 1.6 million in one day.

A recent CNN poll placed Paul in third place nationally, with 13 percent, behind Romney in second place with 21 percent and Perry in first with 32 percent.

Full California straw poll results, as reported by the LA Times:

Congressman Ron Paul (374, 44.9%)

Gov. Rick Perry (244, 29.3%)

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (74, 8.8%)

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (64, 7.7%)

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (17, 2.0%)

Herman Cain (15, 1.8%)

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (14, 1.7%)

Congressman Thad McCotter (7, 0.8%)

Former Sen. Rick Santorum (7, 0.8%)

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (2, 0.2%)

Fred Karger (1, 0.1%)

Write-ins (15, 1.8%)

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