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Pieces of Arianna Huffington in ‘Vogue’


Arianna Huffington wears a foundation thick enough to build a house on. That's kind of what "Vogue" magazine says in its new profile on the famed publisher. But maybe with a little less flair:

We were backstage at the appropriately named New World Stages in midtown Manhattan. Arianna was dressed in suede knee-high boots, a gray dress, a ruffly collar over a cardigan, the hair unflappable, the makeup thick.

In the piece, we also learn that Huffington doesn't like the word zeitgeist (“It’s a terrible German word"), the HuffPost/AOL headquarters has three nap rooms and that her tall frame was a problem for her as a kid ("I was excluded from school parades!”).

Read the full profile here.

h/t Styleite

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