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‘Artificial Sweetener?’ Pedestrians Try to Explain What Solyndra is…and Fail Miserably


A drug company?

At this point, Blaze readers are probably quite familiar with the ins and outs of the disgraced solar company Solyndra -- the firm that declared bankruptcy after receiving nearly half a billion dollars in government loan guarantees. For some average Americans, however, especially those claiming to get their news from sources such as CNN, NBC and Jon Stewart, the name "Solyndra" signifies anything from artificial sweeteners to a drug company.

While the debacle has garnered intense scrutiny from a few news outlets -- The Blaze being one -- it seems to have been all but swept under the carpet by much of mainstream media.

Watch as MRCTV's Dan Joseph and Joe Schoffstall interview random, every day people in Washington D.C. to find out their thoughts on Solyndra. For the most part, no one had ever even heard the word before:

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