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MSNBC: Is the AP Racist for 'Dropping the Gs' in Transcribing Obama's Speech?


"America loves that way of speaking... it makes him sound genuine, it makes him sound warm..."

The Associated Press (AP) covered President Obama's speech to the Congressional Black Caucus on Saturday night, printing a transcript of what the president said. However, an MSNBC analyst now claims that the manner in which the AP covered the speech was racist.

The AP did not print the words as written for the president, instead choosing to transcribe the speech with what might be considered a bit more accuracy. For example, the teleprompter read, "Stop complaining." But the president said "Stop complainin'." And that is how the AP reported it.

The issue was discussed on the new Chris Hayes program on MSNBC this morning.  Standing on opposite sides of the topic were Karen Hunter, Journalism Professor/MSNBC Analyst, and John McWhorter, Contributing Editor at New Republic/Columbia University lecturer.

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UPDATE: We were not the only outlet questioning the opinion of MSNBC's analyst Karen Hunter on this subject. Earlier this afternoon, Mediaite's Tommy Christopher also posted the video from the Chris Hayes show and printed a response from Mark Smith, the AP writer responsible for transcribing Obama's speech. Smith's explanation of the now-famous "dropped Gs";

Normally, I lean toward the clean-it-up school of quote transcribing – for everyone. But in this case, the President appeared to be making such a point of dropping Gs, and doing so in a rhythmic fashion, that for me to insert them would run clearly counter to his meaning. I believe I was respecting his intent in this. Certainly disrespect was the last thing I intended.

You've seen the clip and now heard from the man responsible for it. So, is the Associated Press racist for accurately reporting what the President said? Take our Blaze Poll.

Is The AP Racist?

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