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Tuesday evening must-reads


Troop demographics: Who is fighting for America?

Obama’s jobs bill: Read it and weep

How many times is each dollar taxed?

Elizabeth Warren's voodoo economics

Where do America's poorest live? Hint: It's not the inner-city

Energy Department delays congressional investigation into Solyndra

Dana Milbank's predictable take on the Solyndra scandal: Blame Bush!

Is Herman Cain really that"unelectable"?

Chris Christie may or may not be running for president

Preview: Christie to deliver major speech at Reagan Library tonight

Thomas Sowell: Superman vs. a warm body

What impact will Defense budget cuts have on America's security?

Al-Jazeera journalist admits to being Hamas operative

Robert Spencer: A Palestinian state will not bring peace

Iran set to execute Christian pastor for being Christian

Women may now have the right to vote, but Saudi Arabia still sucks

Video: Rep. Paul Ryan offers up "The Optimist's Guide to Repeal and Replace"

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VIDEO: Ohio police shoot zebra dead after it chews off the arm of its owner

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