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New feature: Whose bar?


We're starting a new feature from D.C on THE BLAZE Blog called "Whose bar?" Here's how it works: We'll run a photo of a bar, lounge or club in D.C and in the comments section, you name the congressman, government staffer, or news media personality most likely to frequent the watering hole. And mention why you think that person is the best fit. We'll pick the winner along with some runners-up and re-post your answer the following day. Got it?

Just a couple rules:

  1. Be clever
  2. The person doesn't have to live in D.C, but try to make your picks relevant to politics, government or news media
  3. This is a game, so it's not supposed to be true; don't try to "out" anyone you might know that actually frequents the photographed establishment

Here's the first bar. Who frequents this bar?

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