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O‘Reilly Tries to Give Stewart a Lesson on Big Gov’t: ‘Are You Ever Going to Wise Up?’


"Teach me, professor."

Bill O'Reilly is not afraid to confront those who disagree with them. And as a former teacher, he's also not afraid to try and teach them a lesson. That's what he did last night on the "Daily Show" with host Jon Stewart.

In an appearance to promote his new book, "Killing Lincoln," that really wasn't about promoting his book at all, O'Reilly went head-to-head with Stewart on high taxes, government efficiency, and even $16 muffins. There were plenty of money quotes, but halfway through the interview O'Reilly asked Stewart, "Are you ever going to learn?" Stewart responded, "Teach me, professor." And he tried, with both men getting in their playful jabs.

Watch the government lesson below:

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