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Judge Orders Release of 'Inflammatory' Casey Anthony Jailhouse Video


"...rocking a bit in her chair, and then hunching over."

It's been more than two months since Casey Anthony (known as "tot mom" by CNN's Nancy Grace) exited a Florida jailhouse after being cleared of charges related to her daughter's death.

Now, a newly-released jailhouse video is, once again, bringing the case back into the limelight. On Friday, Orange County (Florida) Superior Court Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. ordered the release of a 2008 video that purportedly showcases Anthony's response after learning that law enforcement officials had discovered a human body (the remains later turned out to be those of her missing daughter, Caylee).

CNN has more about the decision to release the video:

"The reason for sealing (the video) -- Ms. Anthony's right to a fair trial -- is no longer applicable because the trial has been completed and she has been acquitted of all charges other than lying to law enforcement officers," wrote Perry, before ordering the state attorney's office to release the video.

Because her actions in the clip may have hurt her in court, a judge had previously ruled that the footage could not be released.

The video was captured in the "waiting area of the medical facility" at a county jail. At this time, Caylee hadn't been seen for six months in public and investigators had been actively searching for her.

The Los Angeles Times has more about the footage:

The video shows Anthony rocking a bit in her chair, and then hunching over. Later, Anthony is seen talking to her attorney.

The quality of the video -- taken in a waiting area near the jail's medical facility -- is poor. It's grainy. It does not contain audio. And it's shot from so far away that it's difficult to detect any facial reactions. Anthony can be seen breathing heavily at one point, and she bends forward several times.

It's important to note that the news, which she appears to be watching in the clip, purportedly doesn't mention any names -- it simply reports that a body had been found. Some are asking why Anthony appeared so nervous if she didn't know her daughter was dead in the first place (grief, of course, or worry over the prospects that this could, indeed, be her missing daughter, may be a viable explanation).

Below, watch the first part of the video:

And here's the second part:

Below, CNN explains what's happening in the footage:

In the end, the case is over and Anthony was found not guilty of murder. While the clip doesn't prove anything definitively, it does raise some questions among those who remain skeptical about her innocence.

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