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GOP’s 2008 loser cautions Christie about getting into race


The Maverick -- yes, that Maverick, the New York Times' favorite Republican -- is telling New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie what an uphill battle Christie would face should he choose to jump into the GOP primary.

What was McCain's cautionary statement for the governor? Watch out for your RINO views? Don't hype the global warming nonsense? Gun control is not a winning issue? Islamic radicals actually do want to kill us?


He warned Christie about the one thing that could hurt Christie for which McCain is directly responsible: campaign funding.

From CNN:

Republican Sen. John McCain issued a warning Sunday about presidential politics to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is reportedly considering entering the GOP presidential nominating contest.

Although the 2008 GOP presidential nominee praised the first-term governor’s record in the Garden State, he also said the potential late entry would put Christie at a political disadvantage.

“I think he’s done a great job as governor. I think he’d be a very viable candidate,” McCain said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” But “let’s remember he’s starting from way behind in fund-raising and organization and other areas.”

Were it not for McCain's horrible "McCain-Feingold Finance Reform," this likely would not be nearly as big an issue for Christie.

If McCain wants to give advice on campaigning for president, perhaps he should talk about not following his 2008 example where he lost the typically red states of North Carolina, Indiana and Florida, for starters.

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