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Occupy Wall Street Gets Glitzy NYC Public Relations Firm Help


"The Revolution will not be editorialized."

The "Occupy Wall Street" movement has swelled into a circus of left-wing causes, with celebrity visits and supportive blogs sprouting across the web. But as of today, the burgeoning protest movement can count on the services of a high-end PR firm to help get its discombobulated messages across in a slick, easy-to-digest narrative.

The Manhattan-based Public Relations firm Workhorse Publicity sent out an unsolicited e-mail blast entitled "Occupy Wall Street: News From the Front" to various media outlets, socialites, and celebrities, according to the New York Daily News.

The P.R. firm has reportedly worked with Saks Fifth Avenue and Mercedes Benz. In the email blast, the firm included black and white images from the protest, and its CEO released a statement that "We have no agenda and our service in this regard is simple: Publicize the message as the march continues." It also included the tagline "the Revolution will not be editorialized."

With its rocketing notoriety, Occupy Wall Street probably doesn't need a Manhattan P.R. firm's help at this point. It is symptomatic, however, of the movement's broadening appeal in liberal circles that professionals are now helping the protestors get their message out.

The spin-masters at Workhorse may have their work cut out for them. After the 700 arrests that occurred this weekend on New York's Brooklyn Bridge, videos have surfaced showing that, contrary to their initial public claims, the protestors were warned in advance not to block the roads. Their subsequent arrests appear to result from ignoring the NYPD's warnings.

Plus there is the inherent challenge of selling supposedly serious political messages to the American public that involve college students dressed like this:

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